We can work together to get your financial status sorted out by creating a budget that works for you and your family. We can also help you start to save for large future purchases or events, and even set you up with the perfect people to help you rebuild credit, obtain RRSP, TSFA’s, Government RESP/RDSP’s and more.

Need some organized assistance getting ready for tax season? Helping you find everything your tax accountant will require from you for yourself or for your business to get you back the best tax return possible? Even tax reviews for prior year returns you haven’t filed or claimed all expenses on. We can assist you with all of your tax preparation needs.

» Personal Income Tax Preparation

Personal income tax filing. Returns are E-Filed to Canada Revenue Agency. We will walk through your entire return together and discuss any tax credits you may be eligible for. We also help you work with CRA if you need to provide supporting documentation or are looking to apply for some specific tax credits. Recently had a baby? Married or divorced? We can help you sort out your personal taxes and get you the correct benefits (Child Tax, GST, Working Income Tax and Disability). We also can work with you, your accountant and the CRA to adjust prior year returns if you feel that something was missed.

» Family Budgeting

With the rapidly rising costs of pretty much everything lately, there are not too many families that can sustain without a budget. We can work together to get your financial situation sorted out, help you rebuild credit, save for large expenses and even prepare for future events. We will help you with getting money that is available to you based on your financial situation and family status. (Childcare subsidy, Government RESP and more.)

It’s important that you and your family have a budget in place so you can create short and long-term goals with your finances.  We all want to go on that dream vacation, or want that new 4K TV but do we have the financial means to obtain that? What about retirement? What age are you going to be able to retire at, and how much money do you need in the bank to be able to live your retirement comfortably and financially stress-free.  We can help you plan for that so there are no surprises later in life.

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