Do have an employee(s) who needs some office training or an office etiquette refresh? Are you hiring new office staff but don’t have the time to properly train them? Do you or your staff need training on a specific program, or looking to learn more about a particular program that your business may already be using? We can come into your offices and do all this for you!

» New Businesses

Are you a new business? just starting out? but your business needs an administrative assistant from day one? We can help you find, hire and train the right person to join your team.

» Existing Businesses

Do you have an employee(s) who may need some office training, an office etiquette refresh, or are you hiring on new staff members and don’t have the time or means necessary to train, let us help you! Our trained staff members are all proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, Sage 50 and Quickbooks accounting software, and have extensive customer service background and training. We can help train or retrain your entire office staff so everything in your office works smoothly, effectively and efficiently. We train your staff using your current policies and procedures so that everyone is on the same page.

» Software Training

Do you or your staff need some training on a specific program, are you looking to learn more about a particular program that your business may already use. We provide business-specific training on each of the below programs. Training will be modified for your specific needs and easy to follow manuals will be provided for you to keep on hand.

• Sage50 (Simply Accounting)
• Quickbooks (Desktop & Online)
• Wave Accounting
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Outlook
• Social Media Platforms

» Other Services

After working many years with a variety of clients, we have had the privilege of working with many different types, and sizes of businesses. If there is a specific item or task you are looking for help with please just contact us and we can discuss how we can help. We also have access to a large network of trusted businesses that could fill in any gaps your needing and we are unable to resolve using our office resources. Some examples may include but are not limited to: corporate tax filing, incorporation documents, designing business cards, logos, websites, promo videos, signage, and so much more.

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