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Filing to be organized? Need some help with setting up your business/office forms and processes? Maybe you just need someone to come in for a day or two or even a week to get your company back on track. We can provide office support for all size companies, tailored to your needs.

» Full Spectrum Office Solutions

Not all businesses require having a full time or even a part-time administrative assistant on staff. We help fill in those gaps, our staff are fully trained and have the educational background and experience to complete any administrative task needed from employers. Our staff are trained in all Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook), office procedures, and trained in customer service experiences. Duties could include, answering phones, filing, creating documents, word processing, accounting related tasks, payroll, organizing your offices, setting up office procedure manuals and much more.

» Organization

Did you start a new business, or recently expand and now you don’t know how to handle all of this incoming paperwork. We can help you set up processes and generate forms needed to keep all of your information organized and at the tips of your fingers for when you need it. We can create your business employee new hire packages, Human Resources documents, Health and Safety documents, writing processes for using specific programs, project tracking, procedure manuals and many other documents to help keep things running smoothly. Microsoft Excel and Word will become your office’s new best friend to help make things run more efficiently.

» Filing & Electronic Storage

Do you have mountains of paperwork to be sorted and filed, or are you trying to eliminate the excess paper in your business and looking to have all of your documents scanned electronically? Are you wanting to make the switch to having everything in a digital format, and keep your office environmentally friendly? We can help get everything sorted and put in the right place the way you want it done, or get your office set up so that most things can be completed in a digital format, to help lessen your carbon footprint, and save you money on office supplies. No job is too big or too small to complete, we will get it done in the most effective way possible.

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